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Tips to Help You Hire a Medical Laboratory Technician

Medical technicians can help your clinic or laboratory run more smoothly, and they can be highly valuable assets if you need staff members who are great with patients and at conducting research projects and lab experiments. The best medical laboratory technicians are educated on the rules surrounding biosafety and hazardous waste, and also possess the skills and traits needed to train new technicians on your lab processes and research methods.

There are many types of medical technicians, but the key to hiring the right medical tech is to find someone who can serve as a jack of all trades and handle a wide range of lab duties and responsibilities. Here are tips that can help you hire a medical technician for your business.


Looking for Certain Types of Medical Technicians

All medical technicians should have basic skills that include knowing how to properly label and collect laboratory samples, find, use, and clean lab equipment, and adhere to and follow safety guidelines. If you work in a highly specialized field, you may need a medical tech who currently works in your arena or is studying to work in your field and knows about related processes.


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Types of medical technicians you may want to consider include:

  • Anesthesia technicians
  • Cardiovascular technicians
  • Emergency service technicians
  • Phlebotomy technicians
  • Sleep technicians
  • Surgical technicians

When creating job posts online, be sure to mention whether your ideal medical tech candidate should have additional skills related specifically to your field.


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Writing the Job Description for a Medical Tech

When developing the job title and description for a medical tech, avoid using internal business lingo and titles that people outside of your business or organization may not recognize or understand. Stick to using keywords such as “medical tech,” “lab technicians,” or “medical laboratory technicians” to attract the right candidates.

Next, provide a summary of the job position and its role within your organization, along with expectations, responsibilities, and duties related to the position. The job description should help interested candidates learn whether they are ideal for the role and have the experience needed to fulfill the position.

Medical technicians should meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Associate or bachelor’s degree
  • Medical laboratory technician certification (if required)
  • 5+ years of laboratory experience
  • In-depth knowledge of various lab practices
  • Ability to work in high-pressure or demanding situations
  • Strong prioritization skills
  • Strong physical endurance and stamina
  • Strong communication skills

If your medical tech will be working in a patient-facing environment performing duties such as collecting blood samples or taking payments, make sure you hire someone who is friendly, patient, and who enjoys being around others. The ideal candidate should fit in with your company culture and adopt your company’s values and mission.


phlebotomy technician scanning the barcode on a blood sample vial


Specific Questions to Ask When Interviewing Medical Technicians

When talking to and interviewing medical tech candidates, ask specific questions that can give you insight as to whether they can fulfill the needs of your lab and business. Ask about their experience with managing and using complex lab equipment, and about the steps they take to ensure they adhere to certain legal and safety regulations. You may also want to ask how they handle hazardous waste and other dangerous substances, and you should present various scenarios to learn how they would react during a crisis or emergency situation.

Safety is critical when working in a laboratory environment; therefore, you’ll want medical laboratory technicians who prioritize safety and won’t compromise the safety of other lab workers or the reputation of your company.


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By iHire | April 21, 2020