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"iHireMedTechs has shown me that there are many job options out there."

Jennifer H.

Carriere, MS
"iHireMedTechs helped me find a job!"


Richmond, VA
"I just registered with iHireMedTechs. I have received calls from employers within 48 hours. Thank you "iHireMedTechs team.""

Joseph N.

Hawthorne, CA
"Good site always sending update job listings thank you"

Zenobia D.

Bronx, NY
"Excellent job source"

Bhupinder M.

Goshen, NY
"Been a great service - easy to follow"

Russell H.

Bothell, WA
"It worked!!!!! I got updated ads for jobs through my email. I got a great job starting next week. Thanks for the awesomeness."

Franchesca J.

Saint Paul, MN
"You gave me job notifications that helped me to apply. "

Brian L.

Las Vegas, NV
"Helped me find a great job "

Brian W.

Miami, FL
"Really great website. The only online job website I've used that actually shows me what I'm looking for."


"I've been looking for work for 3 months out of school. I finally found a job through iHireMedTechs. Thank you."

Tammie H.

Shafer, MN
" I'm so grateful for this site. It is truly a life saver. "

Brandy S.

Hilliard, OH
"iHireMedTechs kept me in touch with what's out there!"

Erica J.

Saginaw, MI
"Great opportunities !! Thank you "

Jayde V.

Stockbridge, GA
"I used iHireMedTechs to help me find a job. I didn't get one yet, but I've got interviews scheduled all this week. The best part was iScore!!!! They actually helped me get calls from a specific place that i have ALWAYS wanted to work. iScore gave me information on my resume, and how to help me "get the job". Thank you so much for everything. I can not put in words how thankful I am. "

Angelica S.

Philadelphia, PA